Structural elaborations add a bit of awe to decor

BY IN Interior Plaster On 29-01-2015

Any space is just but four surfaces with a roof and the ground. What creates a space amazing are the facts. Just about every space on the globe can be awe-inspiring — it all relies on what therapies and elaborations the space has or could have.

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Architectural elements, such as moldings, trims, chair rails and detailed baseboards, can bump up the awe factor in your home.

Any room is just but four walls with a ceiling and a floor. What makes a room remarkable are the details. Just about every room in the world can be awe-inspiring — it all depends on what treatments and embellishments the room has or could have.

Every single plane of your room can be accented and “dressed” in architecture to make a statement. Millwork or plaster moldings can be added to your room to make it shine. Of course, you should take into consideration the style of your house and add only what is natural to the architectural style.

Beginning with the ceiling, medallions or millwork can be features and focal points of your room. Medallions, for example, are meant to enhance lighting fixtures such as a chandelier or pendant. Medallions can be ornate or demure — as thin as a few inches to grand features that fan out and are festooned sometimes wider than two or three times the width of a chandelier. A room’s ceiling can also be outlined following the shape of the room with molding a foot or so off the top portion of any crown molding. Of course, additional shapes such as curves and chamfers can be added in corners for a more decorative combination.

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